Location : A total of 81 stores in Korea and overseas

Exhibition period  : 2016. 08 ~ 2017. 01

Client : MCM

Design & Construction : DESIGNBANGWIDAE Co., Ltd.

DUTCH LAB’s beauty of design was imprinted to the world thru the ideal collaboration with global fashion brand M.C.M.

This collaboration was a wonderful example of fashion brand overcome the difficulty of VMD performance. Global VMD project should have difference by the stores and region and yet sustain the unity of the brand of its own in order to deliver the brand message clearly to the customers.
 DUTCH LAB reinter-preted MCM with DUTCH LAB design identity and reproduced the unique-ness of MCM, trendy and traditional, in visuospatial way. This project presented new experience to customers of 120 stores in 60 countries.